Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tigers, Lions and Cats Oh My!

Yes, I know it's suposed to be 'Bears' but I didn't make one so, oh, well.
The black cat now known as Raven has joined the family! She is bigger than the average Swat Team Kittie as the picture proves. Also I made a sewn lion for one of my brother's birthday. Oh, the hard to see what it is thing that is black and white is a leg to a tiger doll. The pattern is Fuzzy Mitten's Tiger with Dress. It's for another brother's birthday. Yesterday, we left on a trip and I only took socks so it will be a day or so before we get back. So unless I some how magicly find a camera [ I forgot it I know now how bad that is...argg.] I won't have any pics.

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