Friday, August 29, 2008

One Baby African Violet, Two Baby African Violet, Twenty Baby African Violet?

Here are some minature African Violet leaves.

Here is the plant that the leaves and flowers came off of.

What I'm doing is desuckering my African Violets. Suckers are little baby plants that your violet will grow if you let them grow for a bit they might grow their own roots and then you can transplant them into their own pot. I just learned about them a week ago. I've had it for about a year along with the other pink violet and purple one. This is what the plant will look like if the suckers are left on to long.

It becomes a mess of leaves. Also on top of that they take nutrients from the mother plant. This is a plant that I bought with a sucker.

This is one I got the day before I desuckered my three older violets.
Here are the leaves that I'm trying to propagate. To propagate is to take an African violet leaf and put it in water or dirt to grow a new plant.

Here are two of the suckers that had roots.

Here are the two other suckers. The one on the right is the only sucker that has a differant mother. It's Mama is the pink one near the top with a LOT of flowers.

Here is the mother of the other three suckers with roots after she was desuckered. She also had two other suckers that didn't have roots growing on them.

Here is a close up of her stem and the one sucker I missed, aarrgg.

Here is a picture of the purple violet with the other sucker I missed.

And here is the a fuzzy picture of a flower growing out of a flower which is really weird and I can't find any information on why it happens. I think it also has seed pods.

Here are Mama's standard African Violets. They came today along with my Micro Mini African Violet leaves and a bonus leaf. Her's are called Shear Romance, mine are called Chantaspring and the bonus leaf is a Alamo Stranger. Mama gave the bonus leaf to me!

Here are my leaves rehydrating in cups of water. On the left is the Micro Mini Chantaspring and on the right is the standerd Alamo Stranger.