Friday, August 29, 2008

One Baby African Violet, Two Baby African Violet, Twenty Baby African Violet?

Here are some minature African Violet leaves.

Here is the plant that the leaves and flowers came off of.

What I'm doing is desuckering my African Violets. Suckers are little baby plants that your violet will grow if you let them grow for a bit they might grow their own roots and then you can transplant them into their own pot. I just learned about them a week ago. I've had it for about a year along with the other pink violet and purple one. This is what the plant will look like if the suckers are left on to long.

It becomes a mess of leaves. Also on top of that they take nutrients from the mother plant. This is a plant that I bought with a sucker.

This is one I got the day before I desuckered my three older violets.
Here are the leaves that I'm trying to propagate. To propagate is to take an African violet leaf and put it in water or dirt to grow a new plant.

Here are two of the suckers that had roots.

Here are the two other suckers. The one on the right is the only sucker that has a differant mother. It's Mama is the pink one near the top with a LOT of flowers.

Here is the mother of the other three suckers with roots after she was desuckered. She also had two other suckers that didn't have roots growing on them.

Here is a close up of her stem and the one sucker I missed, aarrgg.

Here is a picture of the purple violet with the other sucker I missed.

And here is the a fuzzy picture of a flower growing out of a flower which is really weird and I can't find any information on why it happens. I think it also has seed pods.

Here are Mama's standard African Violets. They came today along with my Micro Mini African Violet leaves and a bonus leaf. Her's are called Shear Romance, mine are called Chantaspring and the bonus leaf is a Alamo Stranger. Mama gave the bonus leaf to me!

Here are my leaves rehydrating in cups of water. On the left is the Micro Mini Chantaspring and on the right is the standerd Alamo Stranger.

Friday, June 27, 2008

An Island and A Wolf Lodge

Part One, The Island:

Ahh, where am I?

It's sure nice here.

Eeck! an alagator. Wait, no just a log.

Hmmm, were does this go?

A bridge! A way to get off this island!

Part 2, The Wolf Lodge:

Here we are in the lobby next to the fire place. Hmmm, I wonder what they use it for?

Here I am on our balcony from our room in my swim suit.

Here we are at the water park. You see that bucket on the top of the play set? That is really fun every 5 minutes it dumps 1,000 gallons of water on you if your standing under it.

This is the please do not disturb sign. "Cubs in Hibernation" isn't that just too cute?
Here is the talking clock.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We (Mama and I) were making dresses a bit ago this is Mama's dress. Mama wanted buttons on her dress and bought the pack of miss matched buttons that you can buy at Wal Mart. This was the best match that we could find.

Yup, you see that?
All those buttons will go perfectly together!
See there's a pretty blue one.
Ohh, that Old Navy button will go just swell with the flower shaped one!
That one that has a number three is great for that gold one.
Yeap, oh so perfect. . .
ok, where's the nearest place that sells zippers?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bunny The Bun Bun 1#

Here is a Bun Bun from the land of the Bun's.
This Bun Bun has a name. It's name is Bunny.
Bunny has a mission.
She waits until her mother leaves the room.

Then Bunny sneaks slowly around the corner.
Hiding in the shadows.
Wait, what smell is that?
Bunny sniffs to see were it comes from.

Bunny climbes up the bed to try to get nearer to the smell.
It is stronger now.

Bunny clambers from the bed to the piano.
The smell is getting a lot stronger now.
Wait is it coming from the bag?

Bunny tips over the bag and pulls on the opening.
Is there any thing eatable in here?
I think the smell is a bit less strong.

Nope, nothing unless you can eat yarn and needles.
Yes, the smell is stronger out here.
Ohhh, is that?
Could it be?

Yes, Yes it is!
Wohhh, don't want to fall down there after all the work to get up here.
It is so, so, so.

I am almost there almost.
What a beautiful site.
It brings tears to my eyes.

Munch, Munch, Munch, mmmm this tastes so good.
Munch, Munch, Munch.
Ahhh, heaven in a mouth full.
Munch, Munch, Munch.

Wait no, Mama, I'm not done! No, please five more minutes.
Me: Bunny I told you not to eat my violets!

Now it's off to bed for you!
Bunny:No! Mama! It's so sweet unlike that bunny food you give me.
Now if you gave me more sugar'n carrots . . . .
Me:No, you get plenty of sweets as it is, and after that stunt you just pulled with my plants.
I think you might not get dessert for a week!

Narrator:As our hero is put ruffly in bed by her Mother.
Bunny: Hey, are you trying to add to the shame?
You might say I was dragged off into a cave by a giant or something like that !
Narrator: Yes, but in the script.
Bunny: I don't care what the script says!
This Ends Bunny The Bun Bun 1#

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Almost White Easter

This is Easter Breakfast we had pineapple [In the big bowl to the left.], watermelon [In the big bowl to the right.], banana [In between the two bowls.], mango [ To the left of the banana.], kiwi [To the right of the banana.] and cantaloupe. [The only two other bowls.]

This is a picture of the day before Easter. I just think this is funny. You know how they are always saying that Easter is green and there are all these baby animals? Ok, Easter was really cold and it had just snowed the day before.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hide and Seek Kitties

Yesterday, I finished a new kitten . . . Mango! Also on top of that all of my kitties took up hiding places. Raven has taken residents on my dresser and only left last night to get up on the top of my canopy though. She also got up to come down stairs with me while I made breakfast which was Vegan Ginger Bread Morning Cake. While Duchess has been staying on my pillows day and night, Mango is haunting little garden by day. By night has been sleeping on the end of my bed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tigers, Lions and Cats Oh My!

Yes, I know it's suposed to be 'Bears' but I didn't make one so, oh, well.
The black cat now known as Raven has joined the family! She is bigger than the average Swat Team Kittie as the picture proves. Also I made a sewn lion for one of my brother's birthday. Oh, the hard to see what it is thing that is black and white is a leg to a tiger doll. The pattern is Fuzzy Mitten's Tiger with Dress. It's for another brother's birthday. Yesterday, we left on a trip and I only took socks so it will be a day or so before we get back. So unless I some how magicly find a camera [ I forgot it I know now how bad that is...argg.] I won't have any pics.