Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Almost White Easter

This is Easter Breakfast we had pineapple [In the big bowl to the left.], watermelon [In the big bowl to the right.], banana [In between the two bowls.], mango [ To the left of the banana.], kiwi [To the right of the banana.] and cantaloupe. [The only two other bowls.]

This is a picture of the day before Easter. I just think this is funny. You know how they are always saying that Easter is green and there are all these baby animals? Ok, Easter was really cold and it had just snowed the day before.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hide and Seek Kitties

Yesterday, I finished a new kitten . . . Mango! Also on top of that all of my kitties took up hiding places. Raven has taken residents on my dresser and only left last night to get up on the top of my canopy though. She also got up to come down stairs with me while I made breakfast which was Vegan Ginger Bread Morning Cake. While Duchess has been staying on my pillows day and night, Mango is haunting little garden by day. By night has been sleeping on the end of my bed.