Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First Post

this is the blog of a vegan, knitter, sewer[GASP], embroiderer[I can do ribon embroidery too], crocheter, spinner[GASP], home schooled preteen. I'm also going to try basket weaving this year. I am now living in south east Michigan [near the thumb of the mitten]. For most of my life until this year I have been living in California. When I was about four I lived in Texas for almost a year, currently my Mimi and Poppy live on our property there. Then we went back to California lived there for three and a little under a half years, before moving into a travel trailer in which we lived in for almost two years. One of my favorite things to do is read. I like romance novels, fantasy novels and graphic novels.[Particularly if it has Black Cat , Cat Woman or Elektra and DareDevil in it. Although if it's interesting I'll settle for Mary Jane or Wonder Women, and I'll only settle for Wonder Woman if Batman or Superman kisses her in it though, mostly in my opinion she's boring in graphic novels.] Oh, and I like the Princess Diaries. The books I mean. In the movies Grandmere is way I mean way to nice! In the books Grandmere is like the embodyment of evil though, she does do a few really nice things when they really count. [so far the limet is one per book if as much.] Lilly her best friend is not as controlling in the movies as in the book, AND WHAT HAPPEND TO MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Micheal is her boyfriend in the book, and no where does it mention so far in as I have read in the series Michael does not break up with her and if he does i'm not shure I'll finish the series. Michael is soooooooo perfict in the series for her.


Samantha said...

Hey, you probably live near me...
I love PD too!
Froomla from ravelry

Emily said...

Cool! That is kinda weird.